PB Philosophy




The Culinary Rhapsody


Food Trail is more than just another food festival. Its an exhilarating journey into the world of exuberant warmth that radiates straight from the heart of Punjab.

Its an experience designed to make you get the actual feel of the place, the people, the culture, the traditions, the cuisine and all that is Punjab. Lets indulge into the once in lifetime experience that is Food Trail .





A Delicious Journey Through The Cultural Allies Of Punjab


Bulleh Nalon Chulha Changa, Jis Par Tam Pakai Da Ral Fakeeran Majlas Keetee, Bhora Bhora Khaee Da

Tasting age old inheritance of culinary heritage, Punjab Bistro has always been in the pursuit of making food and eating a memorable experience. Combining travel with this delightful experience, we have been able to provide both our travelers and the locals the authentic taste of a rich state.





An Initiative To Give Back To The Society


With an initiative like this, Punjab Bistro aims at not only providing an experience to its guests but also making it a worthwhile activity for locals at the venue. Such initiatives help cultural exchange, generation of employment, and overall boost in the economy.

With this initiative, we wanted to give back to the roots of our brand and food in a way that would not only be effective, but also interesting.